Kaleidoscope (2011)

Kaleidoscope (2011)
- Interactive sound installation
- Kaleidoscope, motor, magnifier, flashlight, microphones, speakers, computer

This is an installation about the experience of photography. I found that by reversing the direction of light, I can throw and focus the inner image of a Kaleidoscope onto a wall. The system is connected to a rotating motor which speed can be controlled (or stopped) by the audience.

During the rotation, if one notices a good pattern and wants to freeze the image, he can never stop the rotation exactly at that very moment — just like pressing a camera shutter, one can never capture the exact moment that strikes the mind. The device is a morphed camera: the wall is the film, the control knob is the shutter, the rotation is time, and the world is inside the kaleidoscope.

The world comprises vision and sound. Collaborating with composer I-lly Cheng, I extract the sound inside the rotating kaleidoscope and feed it into a computer. The sound is calculated in real time by designed patches using MaxMsp software. The speakers output the resulting sound (also in real time). The microphone also picks up ambient sound; thus the entire room is within the interactive sound field. 


- 互動聲音裝置

- 萬花筒,透鏡,手電筒,馬達,麥克風,音響,電腦


在轉動的過程中,若操作者看到喜歡的畫面,想馬上將畫面停下,則會發現它永遠無法剛好停在他想要的那個瞬間(因為轉體有慣性) — 如同按快門,人往往無法完美擷取衝擊其大腦視覺的那個瞬間。本裝置實為相機的變體:牆面為底片,旋鈕為快門,透鏡為鏡頭,轉動為時間,而外在世界則在萬花筒內部。